Welcome to Frisco Craft Studio
Welcome to Frisco Craft Studio
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DTF (Direct to Film) Transfers

This is a DTF (Direct to Film) transfer. All you need to do is PRESS and GO.

Material Type:
These can press on to any type of garment including
-100% cotton
-100% polyester
-poly/cotton blends

Transfer Sizing:
8”- Youth
11"-Reg Adult
13"-Larger Adults

***Measurements are on the longest side***

Pressing Instructions:
Firm Pressure/ Cold Peel

Polyester- 275°/ 10 seconds
Triblend- 275°/ 10 seconds
50/50- 300°/ 15 seconds
Cotton- 325°/ 15 seconds
*For Matte Finish: Repress with kraft paper/ teflon for 10 seconds